Curated Travel

Four Wives provides a curated travel experience in Cuba. We hand-select activities and encounters and tailor-make each itinerary based on the interests of our clients, and think outside the box in the most interesting and exclusive ways, all the while never compromising the authenticity of Cuba’s culture and customs. We involve top local talent such as artists, musicians, dancers, architects, economists, and chefs to enrich experiences, as well as handpicked guides, fixers, and concierges to accompany and assist our travelers. These individuals not only provide information and local knowledge to create a unique educational and cultural experience but also ensure our visitors have a smooth, easy, and comfortable time in an otherwise difficult to navigate environment.

Specific services we offer to our VIP traveler:

  • American travelers: Legal travel falling within OFAC permitted categories with no minimum or maximum number of travelers
  • Visa assistance: Sourcing of visa/tourist card prior to arrival
  • Airport assistance: VIP airport service upon arrival
  • Private planes: Assistance sourcing and coordinating with private planes, as well as landing permits in Cuba
  • VIP travel experience: A local team with intimate and extensive knowledge of Cuba creating and booking personalized itineraries, with local guides/fixers escorting the travelers throughout their stay; Unique access to Cuba’s most sought out individuals, artists, restaurants, clubs, and events
  • Concierge services: 24-hour local concierge to cater to your last-minute needs, including but not limited to restaurant reservations, local events, childcare, beauty services, and special visits and meetings
  • Confidentiality: Full discretion and respect for the privacy of the traveler
  • Celebrity travel: Assistance executing ryders, security protocols, and extra precautions with celebrity and high-profile clients
  • Accommodation: Access to the best hotels and luxury properties on the island
  • Ground transportation: A variety of options are offered to suit the travelers’ needs, including standard and luxury sedans, vans and buses for larger groups, and vintage American cars for those looking for that special touch