A little bit about #ficgibara2018

The International Gibara Film Festival (FIC Gibara) is held annually in the small coastal town of Gibara, in the Eastern part of Cuba close to the city of Holguin. Originally a “Cine Pobre” festival created by legendary Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás, FIC Gibara (celebrating its 14th edition this coming July 1-7) has grown to become an international festival but maintains a close relationship with its roots… with the community in which it takes place, and the arts and artists it highlights. It is more than a film festival: it is an important symbol of the arts in Cuba and Cuba’s relationship with the arts across the world, whilst being the most important cultural event in the region. Gibareños (those native to Gibara) and their neighbors thrive each year during the festival thanks to the attention, visitors, and jobs created by this event.

FIC Gibara doesn’t only highlight films and filmmaking, but all arts. The festival is a week filled with film screenings, live music, artists painting murals, workshops, parties, and more. All possible arts are featured, and artists and filmmakers from Cuba and abroad are the center of attention throughout. Unlike some large international film festivals, FIC Gibara is more of a “home-grown” festival that truly focuses on artistic talent and resolve, as well as the communities that welcome and support these artists. However, this home-grown approach doesn’t stop this event from becoming more international each year, and from attracting prominent figures such as Benicio del Toro, Nicole Rocklin, Fito Páez, Demián Bichir, and others. With Cuba’s most prominent actor, Jorge Perugorria (affectionately known as Pichi) taking over the festival two years ago, it is taking on an even more important role in Cuba’s film and cultural world.

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