Movies, Music, and Fun at FICGibara: July 1st to 7th, 2018

Four Wives is proud to be part of the executive team organizing The Gibara International Film Festival (FIC Gibara).

FIC Gibara, originally focused on Indy filmmaking, has maintained those values through its growth to an international film festival. However, it is not just a film festival. Each year conferences, acting workshops, and audiovisual creation workshops are given, environmental responsibility fairs take place, and collective murals are created that adorn the urban landscape of Gibara (a small town in Eastern Cuba); Not to mention the many concerts by highly renowned musicians that fill the days and nights at FICGibara to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Aside from its cultural and artistic value, FICGibara has a substantial community reach and has been the backbone of the local development of Gibara in the 21st Century. The population benefits from the multiculturalism of a highly accessible event that fills the entire city, and the festival-goers benefit from the passion Gibareños pour into their beloved event.

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