Cuba’s popularity is back… making way for new flights to Havana from major US cities 

And… We’re back!! Cuba is back on the map for US travelers! After a year of decreased American travel to the island due to a variety of factors (hurricane, travel advisory, and a lack of understanding regarding Trump’s new travel restrictions), it seems that Americans have realized that it is still not only possible, but easy, to travel to Cuba. Now US-based airlines, who seem to see the long-term potential of Cuba tourism, are bidding for new flight routes to the island.

Earlier this week, the DOT (Department of Transportation) approved proposals for four additional daily and six weekly flights between the U.S. and Cuba. Applicants have 15 days to file objections to the distribution before the decisions become final.

The proposed flights (which are in additional to current flights between the US and Cuba) are:

  • American Airlines and Delta Air Lines to each get a new daily flight from Miami
  • Southwest Airlines to get a daily flight from Fort Lauderdale
  • JetBlue Airways to get a Sunday-through-Friday flight from Fort Lauderdale and a Saturday flight from Boston
  • United Airlines/Mesa Airlines to share a Sunday-through-Friday flight from Houston